The Workshop


From our workshop in the heart of North Yorkshire we combine traditional woodworking with modern crafting methods.

Made In Yorkshire

Our workshop is based just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Close to the cathedral city of Ripon, on the edges of the A1/M1 corridor for delivery and connectivity. 

We take great pride in our handbuilt, made to order furniture. In our workshop we combine traditional British cabinet making techniques with cutting-edge equipment to ensure that each piece is meticulously crafted and built to last.

Meticulous Tools

We believe that the furniture we create is only as great as the tools that craft it. Because of this we invest time and energy in making sure we have the right tool for the job. From an inherited lathe that carries the heritage and expertise of generations of previous cabinet makers, to brand-spanking new X and an endless supply of clamps, we love our tools.

CNC machining

We always embrace new developments in tools and techniques. Because of this our CNC machine was one of the first essential pieces of equipment that we purchased. The CNC machine allows us to quickly construct prototypes and get precision engraving. It doesn’t matter if we are producing 1, 10 or 100 replicas, the CNC machine allows us to reach the same quality again and again. This allows us to easily produce furniture for commercial and retail settings.

Trying and testing

In our effort to reduce waste we try to keep full scale prototyping to a minimum. We produce usable computer assisted designs to work out measurements, scaling and cuts. However some complex projects require us to test woods, joints and cuts to make sure we are crafting to maximum quality and efficiency. We build jigs, mock ups and models to make sure that our ideas become a reality that truly works. 

Our workshop is limited on space so we can’t accept drop-in customers however if you would like to see our workspace we will try to accommodate an arranged visit. Our space integrates timber storage, machine room and finishing area so we have to make sure that each project is meticulously managed.

Ready to start your project? Find out how you can commission furniture for your home.