Sustainable Design


We handcraft furniture that is designed to last for generations, without causing harm to people or the planet.

We make sustainable furniture.

At Harrogate Furniture we create sustainable woodwork. 

Sustainability means being able to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. It means being able to meet our own needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We believe that the furniture we create should support ecological and human health and wellbeing and be able to give back into a circular economy.

Circular design, made to last

We’re not onboard with a throwaway culture, so we make furniture that’s designed to last. For your lifetime, and those that come after. You might even call them heirlooms if you like. 

Not only do we design each piece with the future in mind but the natural materials we use, as well as the traditional craftsmanship means that furniture can be repaired and recycled fully, completing the circle of production. Our solid wood pieces may suffer wear and tear over time but they can be treated and repaired to increase their lifespan.

We don’t use nails and avoid using screws, because it’s important that pieces can be deconstructed for repair and to keep traditional crafting techniques alive.

Responsible timber

We work with Yorkshire based timber merchants and local wood mills to ensure that we have a responsible, transparent supply chain. We only work with natural and renewable materials. 

We make every effort to make sure that our wood originates from environmentally managed woodland, preferably from British and Northern European woodland. Any fresh timber that we use has to be purchased from certified timber supplies who prioritise sustainability and good forestry management.

We use wood that has been legally harvested without violating environmental or human rights and we prioritse suppliers who guarantee high conservation values.

Zero tolerance on waste

We aim for zero waste in our production. This means recycling our solid wood offcuts as much as possible. These are used to create our range of smaller homeware items that are stocked by our partner company. We also use our sawdust for biofuel, animal bedding, as garden mulch and for smoking. 

We work with natural variance. We are accepting of all woods, knots and all, often working expressive wood grains into unique designs. 

Where we use non-organic materials in our furniture we always attempt to use recycled and recyclable products. We don’t use fresh polymer plastic, epoxy resins or MDF because harm it does to the environment and its inability to be recycled.

We founded Harrogate Furniture on four founding principles: to shop ethically without exploitation; for our furniture to remain unbranded; to avoid toxic materials and to always source our timber responsibly.

We carry these principles through all of the projects we do and we hope you understand how important they are to the future of sustainable craftsmanship.