Drawing, designing and writing. Having the perfect desk and office space can help you to unleash your creativity.

Curating an office space that is functional and enables focus has never been more important. With many of us working from home, it has become essential to have an office that allows us to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Selecting items that use natural materials can help to construct a peaceful work environment and help to focus our attention.

The Planetary Desk

This desk is the signature piece behind the inception of Harrogate Furniture. This physics inspired writing desk comprised of figured oak and a planetary gear ramping system supported by a brass stretcher.

The desk mechanism was a challenge that I set myself to incorporate an element of ‘me’ into a fun and functional desk. Whether its somewhere to write a thesis, design furniture or just to play, the ramp symbolised my desire to bring something different to the furniture game.

The legs derive from ancient Egyptian designs, utilising the strength of the ‘X’ shape.
Combined with the brass stretcher leaves plenty of room for legs beneath and strong
enough for the racking system.

Well designed offices can promote productivity and aid creative thinking. The aesthetic of our work spaces can impact our engagement, because of this, the office furniture we design is created with the individual in-mind. 

Our office freestanding furniture has developed over time to meet the needs of bespoke requests and demonstrates the style and type of design available. You can commission pieces based on these items or work with Sam through the design process to achieve something completely unique. 

Bespoke freestanding furniture designed for office spaces includes but isn’t limited to sitting desks and standing desks, office chairs, plant stands, bespoke bookshelves, cabinets and draw tables. We also undertake fitted furniture installations to help you maximise space in your office.

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