Living Room


From timeless, light maple tables to dark walnut bureaus our free-standing living room pieces will help you to create the perfect aesthetic to relax into.

From open-plan lounges to cosy fireside nooks, the living room is the heart of the home. How we decorate and furnish our sitting rooms reflect who we are, how we spend our valuable relaxed hours and how we entertain those we love. No two living rooms are the same and whether you’re curating a rich, deep dark wood haven or minimalist, light scandi space, the furniture you choose can have a key impact on your aesthetic.

Living Room Bespoke Coffee Table Formula 1
bespoke living room coffee table
Bespoke living room coffee table formula 1
bespoke living room coffee table live edge

Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge coffee tables are made by carefully selecting a piece of detailed wood and working with its shape and colouring to create a striking finish. This live edge coffee table was created using English Elm Burl (burr). The burl has created a wonderfully intricate pattern of knots which rupture the edge of the table, making a striking and
charming outer.

Live edge tables have an added advantage that the very timber used is completely unique, no burl or outer shape can be replicated meaning that
each piece is an individual. In this case walnut bowties were added to strengthen or support any area that may be prone to movement. They could be hidden below the
surface but they add an aesthetic beauty in their own right.

Oak F1 Wheel Table

Some projects are a complete surprise and this one definitely was. This Formula One table was a commissioned piece for an engineer who had been given a winning wheel from Lewis Hamilton’s Monaco 2019 win. They wanted to turn the commemorative wheel into a living room feature and asked for it to be encased in a coffee table.

We went through 3D test renders with the client to determine shaping,
wood type and colour before starting, settling on a stained oak to achieve the ideal tone. The coffee table was made from 10 pieces of oak, positioned so it radiated from the center of the wheel and then engraved with the details of the winning race.

Bespoke freestanding furniture designed for living rooms spaces include but aren’t limited to: coffee tables, freestanding cabinets and bookcases, sidetables, bespoke bureaus and TV cabinets. We also undertake fitted furniture installations to help you maximise space in your living room.

Our collection of living room freestanding furniture has developed over time to meet the needs of bespoke requests and demonstrates the style and type of design available. You can commission pieces based on these items or work with Sam through the design process to achieve something completely unique. Our How To Commission page explains how our design process works.

You can shop our collection of smaller living items. These are smaller, sustainably made, home accessories that are created from the reclaimed offcuts of larger projects. You can order these online through our stockist or contact us for information about our upcoming shows to see them in person.

Ready to start your project? Find out how you can commission furniture for your home.