Jewellery Boxes


Bespoke jewellery boxes created to celebrate the treasured pieces that you hold most dearly.

Bespoke wooden jewellery boxes for the things you adore.

Jewellery celebrates the people and things we adore, so we create bespoke wooden jewellery boxes that are equally beloved. Built to last through generations and hold heirlooms that are treasured, these jewellery boxes are each handcrafted and completely customised to your specification. 

Whether you choose beautiful curved edges or exquisite veneered decoration, we work with you to create bespoke wooden jewellery boxes that bring your concept to life. Each box works with the natural colour, movement and grain of the wood to create a refined style that demonstrates its authenticity and traditional workmanship. 

Floral Jewellery Box

This jewellery box was 25th wedding anniversary present designed around the complementary nature of the wood. The flower emblem is cut from a mix of figured sycamore, beech and ash, encompassed by a tamo ash veneer background.

The chatoyance (shimmer) of the sycamore veneer was cut radially to best replicate the beauty of a flower’s petals.

The ash box is lined with a mushroom baize ensuring a soft luxurious feel for any objects placed inside.

Curved Jewellery Box

This sunrise themed, veneered jewellery box was developed from a brief of one line; somewhere to hang a necklace with an 18 inch chain.

The height required to accommodate the necklaces determined the dimensions, and
the addition of curves helped soften the generous proportions of the box. Inside, the lid is gilded with differing shades of gold, directly mirroring the fan on the
outside of the lid. Held with quadrant hinges, the lid can be left open at a convenient viewing angle.

Pricing for detailed veneer jewellery boxes start at £380.

We can offer bespoke veneering and work with you on a specific design but we also offer engraved jewellery boxes with a range of font types. Pricing for detailed veneer jewellery boxes starts at £380 however we can accommodate a range of budgets. Each of our wooden jewellery boxes is designed individually. Because of this we can only offer guide prices on projects on the website. Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the complexity of the design and the materials and finishes used. 

Commissioning a personalised wooden jewellery box work in the same way as all of our bespoke designs. Our How To Commission page explains how this process works and how we work with you to handcraft an exceptional gift.

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