How To Commission


We work with clients to bring their designs to life or just designs to suit their needs and spaces.

How to bring your ideas to life

Designing your own bespoke furniture can be daunting so at Harrogate furniture we make the process from design to delivery as straightforward and as possible.


After an initial consultation, complimentary sketch designs will be produced. We offer one further revision of these sketches with client instruction and thereafter, any further changes are chargeable at 10% of the total project costs, should the piece not get made. Professional 3D CAD renders of the project will be produced before any production begins for your approval. All designs remain the intellectual property of Harrogate Furniture.

During the initial consultation we’ll go through your ideas, any images or inspiration you have collected and your rough budget and timeframe.

We’ll then give you a quote for the work. Unfortunately we can only guarantee quotes for 4 weeks from the time of issue. We’ll also give you a structured timeline that’s based on the date that the deposit is paid.

For fitted furniture we will do a site visit once the initial payment has been paid. We will take measurements on site so please make sure the place is clear. If you are having your furniture fitted as part of ongoing works and we need the information of anyone else on site please let us know.


Once a design is signed and approved by the client, we ask for a 50% deposit before production in the workshop can begin. This covers the cost of the design process and the initial purchase of materials. The final 50% is split between a 25% working charge to cover build and finishes. The final 25% is to be paid upon completion of the whole project, prior to delivery.


We work with a number of materials and differing species of woods. It’s always worth viewing (actively encouraged actually!) live samples of desired materials and finishes. This is because the expressive, unpredictable and beautiful nature of each wood type may differ slightly between tree and this will affected how the final commissioned piece looks. We are happy to send out samples of woods and finishes once the deposit has been paid.

We work to a client’s preferred timescale but it is worth noting that bespoke furniture, particularly fitted furniture takes time and our average lead time is 10-12 weeks.


For all large freestanding and fitted furniture we will deliver the piece, along with any additional required assembly on site. By doing this we minimise any loss or damage through third party installation of contractors and make sure your project is completed to the highest quality.

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