Games Boards


From jigsaws to Monopoly, Chess to Risk, our customised games boards bring all the family fun you need.

From summer holidays, rainy nights in and Christmas trivia tournaments, games have been at the heart of our family for generations. We know it’s the same for our family and friends and we’ve been thrilled to make many personalised wooden games boards since starting out.

From personalised chess boards with initialled squares to extendable jigsaw boards that fit snuggly onto your coffee table, our wooden games boards are as fun and original as the games they host. Games boards make the perfect gift for growing families and new homes, for weddings, anniversaries and monument birthdays.

Customised Chessboard

Commissioned as a gift for life to celebrate a civil partnership, this chessboard has been designed around using native species of wood for the more environmentally
conscious couple. Where possible, each species of wood has been sourced locally,

From beech to smoked chestnut for the chess squares to the oak for the boar structure and edging. For the text, a colour contrast was needed from the white and black squares which wasn’t possible using purely local timbers so mahogany veneer from an antique project beyond restoration was salvaged and used in place.

The board was been crafted as a practical piece of art, with hanging holes added to
display the board when not in use. A burgundy baize lining has been added to the
base to reduce knocks on hard surfaces.

Personalised wooden games boards can be made to your design with a wide choice of woods and finishes to achieve the style you want. We use a range of luxury veneers and solid woods to create the game space as well as a selection of colours for backing felt. The traditional wooden games that we can build into the design include but aren’t limited to are: chess, solitaire, cards, backgammon, cribbage, dominoes, mancala or tic-tac-toe.

Games hold a special place in our hearts and we put care and elegant craftsmanship into each board so they become your treasured family heirlooms. Our traditional wooden games boards are handcrafted with high quality materials and personalised to your specification. We can also build games boards or piece storage into coffee tables and side cabinets.

Our personalised wooden games boards are part of our range of homeware products that are available to shop now. Where possible we try to make our homeware products from reclaimed solid wood offcuts as part of our zero waste policy.

Each personalised wooden games board that we create is unique. To make sure that we meet the needs of your bespoke request why not take a look at our How To Commission page to find out about design, pricing and delivery.

Ready to create your personalised games board? Contact us to discuss style, wood type and finishes.