We organically source all of our materials striving for the lowest footprint possible. Kind to your skin. Kind to the environment.

Bedrooms hold the softer side of us. They’re spaces to relax, unwind and be completely peaceful. They’re also spaces to express ourselves, be free and fun. When everything in your surroundings makes you feel good you can truly rest up and get a good night’s sleep.

We provide a range of functional furniture to help you create a bedroom that helps meets your needs. From bedframes and bespoke head boards, to freestanding bedside tables and fitted wardrobes we work to your bedroom measurements. Whether you are looking for contemporary, pale maple drawers or classic, walnut linen chests we work to meticulously craft bedroom furniture that will last a lifetime.

Bedside Tables

These bedside tables were designed for a client in London as part of a home renovation. The bedside tables were create alongside a bathroom vanity cabinet to give design continuation between rooms.

The concept developed over time, working with the clients changing requirements for the overall renovation. Fundamentally, and key to the whole design, was the desire to show a high level of craftsmanship in the joinery. This meant that the dovetailed drawer and box designs took centre stage.

“Just In Time” curved bedside tables

The curved leg bedside tables were created as a functional art piece to remind us of the hourglass counting down for the climate. The piece promotes ethical material choices and using recycled materials. The curved legs are laminated ash strips shaped into cylinders, teamed with a 100% recycled plastic top and shelf from the Good Plastic Co.

Bespoke free standing bedroom furniture includes but isn’t limited to bedframes, headboards, bedside tables, linen chests, bedroom cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes, drawers and dressing tables. We also undertake customised built it and fitted wardrobes to help you maximise space in your bedroom.

Alongside our collection of large bedroom furniture we design and craft a range of bespoke jewellery boxes and homeware accessories. Our range of smaller living items are sustainably made from the reclaimed offcuts of larger solid wood projects. You can order these online through our stockist or contact us for personalised options.

Ready to start your bespoke bedroom project? Contact us to find out more about brining your ideas to life.