Ashes Caskets


Caskets designed to be as beautiful and unique as the lives they’re commemorating.

Bespoke ashes caskets designed with thought, crafted with love.

After we began creating commemorative boxes we started to understand the need for elegant and simple customised wooden ashes caskets. We were asked by family and friends to design bespoke caskets for those that we loved and create boxes to contain the ashes of those who chose to be cremated. It was important to us to create caskets that are as beautiful and unique as the lives they’re commemorating.

Bespoke Ashes Caskets

Each wooden ashes casket is completely bespoke, we can work off an existing design and make suggestions or work with you to create something that is entirely individual to your needs.

Our bespoke wooden cremation urns are made with solid British oak but can be crafted from different wood types if there was a particular desire for colour or texture.  We engrave each using a CNC machine and can offer a range of fonts including traditional typefaces or curved, handwritten fonts. The engraving is carved directly into the solid wood lid of the casket. Lids are usually attached with a small set of hinges at the rear of the box with a small clasp at the front. 

Each commemorative casket is sized to contain the ashes of a full height adult however we can accommodate smaller sizes. We can also design ashes caskets for pets and animals.

Solid wood cremation urns can be interred. 

Pricing starts at £180 with engraved lid.

Each of our bespoke ashes caskets is designed individually. Because of this we can only offer guide prices on projects on the website. Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the complexity of the design and the materials and finishes used.

Commissioning a personalised wooden ashes casket works the same as all of our bespoke design. Our How To Commission page explains how this process works and we will handle your enquiry with care and understanding.

Contact us to see how we can help with designs for caskets and cremation urns.